What happy clients have to say:

Meryem has the perfect combination for a yoga instructor: detailed knowledge of anatomy and poses plus a positive serene quality which fosters introspection and mindfulness.
My one on one sessions with Meryem have been highly beneficial to my yoga practice. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

~ Adrianne Pieczonka, Opera Singer

I’ve enjoyed the practice with Meryem as she is attentive to my mental and physical health on the particular day.   I feel her genuine warmth and joy to guide / teach / practice – unlike some experience I’ve had with other teachers where it’s rushed or emphasis on force/strength and not the individual.

3 words to describe her classes:  warmth, attention and joyful

~ Mee Wah Tan, Executive Consultant visiting Toronto

Having private lessons with Meryem has been invaluable to my practice. Meryem is able to create a calm environment that is met with discipline and focus. Our sessions are informative, challenging and ultimately transformative on a physical and mental level. I feel very lucky to get to work with her in this setting and highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in digging a little deeper into their practice.

~ Alex Samaras, Jazz Singer

Meryem, I just need to thank you again for today. I am doing some singing practicing and feeling so focused and strong in the centre of my body. Thanks to YOU.

~ Alex Samaras, Jazz Singer

I have been attending Meryem’s restorative yoga classes for about a year.  The deep rest and relaxation I obtained from her classes saw me through a rough breast cancer treatment.  Now that treatment is over and I am fine, I wouldn’t think of taking classes anywhere else from anyone else.

~ Kathleen Chambre, Retired

Meryem’s teaching style is a rare blend of quiet competence and sweet approachability.  She helps her students to meet her in a place of calm presence, and guides them expertly through a practice laced with both anatomical and energetic focus.  In her classes, I find myself alternately smiling and delving deeper into my practice. She is truly a joy to practice with and learn from.

– Jane Barlow, Supermom

Meryem’s  gentle and thoughtful teaching style has really changed my yoga practice.  I’ve been taught to listen more and breathe with more awareness.  Her visualization techniques are unique and transformative.  No two classes are ever the same.  Meryem has a profound connection with her students. I often joke that Meryem is made of magic, but I really believe it to be true! I leave her class feeling very peaceful and grounded.

~ Melanie McIvor, Massage Therapist

I’ve had a number of yoga sessions with Meryem and each one has been very helpful, relaxing and healing. She has a great calming, gentle and receptive energy combined with a confidence that can only come from knowing what one is doing. I would recommend this to anyone. 

                   ~ Dennis Berger, Musician

Meryem at kineo YOGA is motion; she is a wonderful embodiment of the name!    She is not only a skilled teacher, she is warm and kind and safe; these qualities translate into her instruction and the space she skillfully creates for her students to explore.

~ Leah

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