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Welcome to kineo YOGA

Imagine taking time for you, just for you.
You move, you breathe, you quiet your mind. You centre yourself…  

You’re somewhat experienced or just starting with yoga. You’re looking for an accessible yoga practice that will make you more present in your body and mind.

You’re busy, you feel stressed. You want to feel relaxed, and learn to slow down. But you’re not able to do it on your own.

You want to learn to practice yoga, in a studio, at home or at work, and live your yoga off the mat in your everyday life (who wants to repeat oms and peaceful warriors and still yell at the neighbour, spouse or kids?!).

You give a lot to your career and/or your family, and you need some time for yourself too. You want to be guided simply and clearly on how to move your body with ease and awareness, and learn to calm your mind, to improve your own health and life.

You’re looking for an experienced, down-to-earth, patient and caring yoga instructor, ready to help you be more at ease in your own body and mind. My name is Meryem. Welcome!

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